Klingspor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct describes briefly and clearly the basic value system at Klingspor. If you are ever unsure about how to behave in a specific situation, this Code of Conduct should help you to choose a suitable course of action.

About us

Klingspor is a family company going back over 120 years. The Klingspor Group was founded in Germany and today comprises over 35 companies across all continents.

Our corporate culture provides an important foundation for our success and is based on the following four cornerstones:

  • the integrity of our business relations
  • the sustainability of our growth
  • the quality and safety of our products
  • the promotion of innovation

Integrity of our Business Relations

Our business policy and conduct are determined by integrity and fairness. This means that, if in doubt, any of our employees anywhere in the world can apply the following principle:

"Klingspor expects all employees, up to and including the Managing Director, to behave with fairness and integrity at all times; both in-house and externally!"

Compliance with Legislation

It goes without saying that we comply with all local legislation at our various locations, and with all in-house guidelines and instructions.
Corporate success at Klingspor is only possible in a fair competition. For this reason, we avoid all unfair competitive behaviour, in particular anti-competitive arrangements with customers, suppliers or competitors and all breaches of competition law. Given legislation that is often broadly defined, it is important especially when communicating with competitors, particularly in associations, to ensure that no cartel-related information is exchanged.

No Discrimination

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, gender, cultural background, race, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation. Any form of sexual harassment or bullying is prohibited in the Klingspor Group.

Handling Company Property Responsibly

We handle Klingspor property just as responsibly as if it was our own property and do not use if for personal purposes and do not make it available to third parties. Any exception to the above principle requires the prior express permission of the line manager. Likewise, internal company information, in particular all trade and business secrets, may only be used, stored or reproduced for the purposes of proper management.

Avoiding a Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest often leads to risks for the company and puts the employees concerned in a personal situation that hampers an appropriate decision or gives the appearance that an appropriate decision in the interests of the company is jeopardized. For this reason, where possible, we wish to avoid any conflict of interest right from the start. As Klingspor employees, therefore, we do not take on secondary employment with competitors, customers or suppliers and do not contribute financially to them (unless it is a listed company or the line manager has given permission to do so).

The general rule applies that any family, personal or financial relationships that may influence objective decision making in a very specific situation should be reported to the line manager for a decision on further procedure in the matter.

During the daily working hours, each employee shall devote his entire work to the company, that is to say, secondary work for other employers or any other private activities will not be carried out.

No Corruption

At the Klingspor Group, we do not accept corruption. Please see our anti-corruption guidelines for details and courses of action for dealing with corruption, which are binding across the entire Klingspor Group.

Even relatively innocuous local incidents of corruption may have a far-reaching negative impact for the entire Group, in addition to the local consequences, because the reputation of Klingspor can be damaged worldwide and, for example, important international customers could cease to collaborate with us immediately. Therefore, all employees and executives in the Klingspor Group are called upon to act against any incident of corruption immediately and decisively and to terminate the relationship with corrupt business partners.

In relation to the topic of corruption, it is also the case at Klingspor, based on our individual position or function, that we do not request other colleagues - in particular colleagues who are subordinate to us - to carry out services privately for us or to give us goods privately that we would otherwise not have received.

IT Security

As employees of Klingspor, we undertake to comply with the security measures and instructions from the IT department at the company headquarters in Haiger relating to the prevention of data loss and the protection against cyber criminality.

We must always act responsibly when handling equipment used for company business in order to avoid the loss of or damage to files and IT systems. In addition to general precautions, this also includes only storing data on mobile devices that are actually required and deleting data from these devices that are no longer required.

We comply with data protection legislation both in relation to employee personal data and when handling third party data, for example, customer and supplier data.

Sustainability of our Growth

Our growth is sustainable both with regard to our business and our employees and locations.

Dealing with Business Partners

Sustainable growth is only possible if we understand how to win new customers and build up long-term loyalty with existing customers for our mutual success. In order to achieve this, we have to focus on the permanent, successful supply of our customers in all primary and secondary processes within the entire Klingspor Group. Employees in departments that do not have direct customer contact must also be aware that they are an indirect link in the supply chain for our customers. Therefore, the customer service concept applies not only for external but also for in-house customers within the Klingspor Group and between departments.

We listen to our customers and give them clear and comprehensible responses. We react in a timely manner to queries and we develop pro-active solutions. We look after our customers reliably and keep any promises we make. In the case of new challenges, we always make every effort to find a constructive solution for the customer and for Klingspor.

Our aim is also to build up long-term partnerships with proven suppliers. We value the constructive and professional execution of mutual agreements and the mutual, constructive search for new solutions. As is the case with our customers, our communication with suppliers is to be clear, binding and directed towards the timely processing of issues not yet addressed.

Collaboration within the Klingspor Group

We are convinced that a flat hierarchy structure, direct access for the employees at all times to their line managers and the long-term loyalty of proven employees are essential prerequisites for long-term success, which will enable us to react in a timely manner to changing requirements.

Our collaboration with each other is constructive and based on respect and trust. This includes not only replying promptly to enquiries from colleagues but communicating openly and honestly with each other in order to analyse and provide a solution for the relevant issues.

As Klingspor employees, we act and make decisions in a target-oriented and responsible manner. We are aware that colleagues and line managers rely on us to carry out our duties correctly, on time and reliably.

For us, a successful culture of innovation and behaving responsibly towards each other includes dealing responsibly with failure, when an action that is reasonable and properly executed is, for once, simply not successful.

The principle that no alcohol may be consumed during working hours applies not only in countries and regions where the consumption of alcohol etc. is prohibited.

During business meals and similar events due restraint should also be applied.

Conduct in day-to-day Business

Our conduct towards business partners, colleagues and employees should always be polite and respectful. We are aware that our appearance and our presentation in word and action informs our image and that of Klingspor, and therefore, we make every effort at all times to present ourselves in a professional manner that reflects the values described in this Code of Conduct.

Work Standards

At Klingspor, we make sure, where possible, to prevent and reduce any risks to people and the impact on the environment and to be economic with resources. Safety has priority for us and this means that all our products comply with both German and international safety standards. This also means, however, that safety and environmental standards are adhered to at all our locations and particularly in our plants, in order to avoid risks to our employees.

Klingspor rejects any form of child labour or forced labour and does not accept it from any of its business partners. Accordingly, Klingspor supports the statements that are anchored in the core labour standards of the ILO (International Labour Organisation).

Quality and Safety of our Products

Klingspor is a quality supplier of abrasives. Our customers believe in our high-quality products and high-level customer service.

The quality of our products is ensured by our specific product standards, regardless of the location. For this reason, we adhere to the established production processes in the individual production and packaging locations. At the same time, the improvement and ongoing development of our production procedures ensures the quality of our products.

User safety is a crucial requirement with all our products and production technologies. For this reason, we value our membership of theOrganisation for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) and welcome other abrasive manufacturers joining the OSA too.

Culture of Innovation

Over its 100-year history, our group of companies was in a position to develop into one of the leading manufacturers of abrasives with over 35 companies worldwide only because it is marked by an entrepreneurial spirit whose aim is the continuous and sustainable further development of the corporate group.

This requires innovative thinking and acting at all levels of the group. This approach includes our willingness to constructively question existing procedures and to be open to introducing meaningful changes in a timely and pro-active manner.

This culture of innovation will enable us to provide reliable products and solutions into the future that meet the requirements of our customers against a backdrop of rapidly changing markets and continuous technological advancement.

Breach of Compliance

If you notice that employees are in breach of this Code of Conduct, please bring this to the attention of your colleagues where possible. If the breach is repeated or if there is an additional breach, please contact your line manager, local management, management of MKG or a Compliance Officer. If that is not possible in exceptional cases for personal reasons, please use the ombuds procedure.

Ombuds Procedure

It is in the interest of Klingspor and each employee that existing abuse or inappropriate business practices are ended. A breach of compliance should therefore be addressed openly and directly and resolved. If an employee in exceptional cases for personal reasons is not in a situation to address the situation openly, any employee within the Klingspor Group may make contact on a confidential and anonymous basis with the Ombuds Office, in order to draw attention to inappropriate business practices and abuse, without the fear of personal reprisal. The ombuds procedure should not be abused or used for everyday disagreements between an employee and the line manager.

Contact may be made with the Ombuds Office by email or telephone. Contact: omb@klingspor.de Tel. +49 (2773) 922-388.

Management at each Klingspor company must ensure that all employees are informed of the role of the Ombuds Office and are aware of its current contact details.

Issue: 27.03.2017