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11 Aug, 2022

Klingspor is unveiling a professional guide for the construction industry

There are a huge number of challenges faced by everyone working on building and construction sites. Klingspor has put together a Professional's guide focused specifically for this industry sector. The new brochure will help construction professionals navigate through our extensive selection of products and give clear and concise information to help them make a better-informed decision on which product to choose.

Genuine product variety
Klingspor can offer the discerning user over 600 products that are already proven in the most demanding of environments. Klingspor has a huge range of diamond blades, diamond tipped drill bits and cores and a host of metal cutting and grinding options that will be of benefit in this sector. “Our intention was to develop a guide that would allow customers to both navigate our vast product selection and illustrate why a product is particularly well-suited for a particular application”, explains Oleg Bergheim, Product Manager for Diamond Tools.

Structural and civil construction plus contractors
The brochure is geared towards users working across a great variety of industries. While the bulk of the work in structural engineering involves steel erection and roofing, civil engineering predominantly comprises pipeline, road and rail construction; the brochure is also intended to be of benefit for drywall contractors, plumbers, tilers and electrical installers.

Logical structure for the user
The content of the guide starts off with the topic of “Cutting”. This section presents and contrasts the various cutting solutions along with the suitable machinery. It also provides users with information on diamond cutting blades and resinoid cutting-off wheels and includes tips such as tool pressure or the optimum speed. The section “Sanding Surfaces” introduces solutions for work on mineral-based and metal surfaces. Brief texts and informative images educate the user on the solutions that let them master their individual challenges in the best possible way. The third and last section sheds more light on the topic of “Drilling” at the construction site. The wide range of available diameters and accessories lets every professional user find the product that matches their particular drilling application to a T.

Construction guide rounds out the selection
Over the last few months, Klingspor has already released extensive guides on weld seam finishing and woodworking. The professional guide for the construction industry is now making the selection complete. “Klingspor’s portfolio offers exceptional products for the metal, wood and construction industry. We intend to use our professional guides as vehicles for making them available to our customers. The feedback we have received from the market confirms the viability of this approach – the new brochures are a huge hit”, rejoices Ibraim Lapa, Director of Business Development. 

This new brochure is available as a free download.