More than "just" ceramics! Klingspor presents CEVOLUTION technology.

22 Sep, 2022

Abrasives with ceramic grit have long been known for their aggressiveness and service life. Klingspor has now thought ahead and developed ceramic high-performance abrasives with the new "CEVOLUTION" technology. In addition to ceramic grit, they also contain the know-how of almost 130 years of grinding experience.

Ceramic abrasive grit has many advantages over other types of corundum grit: The microcrystalline structure ensures a self-sharpening effect and uniform break-off behavior. Furthermore, ceramic abrasive grit usually has a higher stock removal rate. However, the grain alone is not enough for perfect performance in many applications.

CEVOLUTION technology: It's all in the mix!

In practice, there are applications where the necessary contact pressure or the grinding speed actually required cannot be guaranteed. This can result in the advantages of the ceramic grit not coming to bear, as the pressure is not high enough to break the structure of the grit; clogging of the abrasive and an unsatisfactory grinding result would be the consequence.

Klingspor products with the new CEVOLUTION technology are therefore optimized holistically: Depending on the area of application, the individual components that make up the abrasive are modified and fine-tuned until, finally, after numerous tests and trials, the best performance is extracted from the ceramic grit. "Our development department takes a holistic approach to the new CEVOLUTION technology: it optimizes grit mix, grit sizes, grit quantities, formulation of precoat and postcoat, relies on multi-bonding or on special manufacturing processes. All with the aim of offering the user the best performance in every application. CEVOLUTION is therefore a real revolution in the field of ceramic abrasives," explains Ibraim Lapa, Head of Business Development.


In the Klingspor range, customers will find numerous products with the new CEVOLUTION technology, such as the CS 920 Y/ CS 922 Y abrasive belt or the SMT 974, SMT 975, SMT 976 and SMT 674 abrasive mop discs, which will be available from fall 2022. Further product groups are in the planning stage. Only when the abrasives offer a real increase in performance will they receive the coveted CEVOLUTION seal.