KM 615 Small abrasive mop for Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel

KM 615 – small abrasive mop for stainless steel

The specialist for work on stainless steel

The synthetic resin multibond is responsible for the high removal rate the KM 615 is guaranteed to deliver. The multibond allows for cool grinding and fast processing times. This small abrasive mop is used for

  • smoothing weld seams,
  • fine sanding flat surfaces, and
  • work on profiled surfaces.

Achieving the perfect finish

This small abrasive mop boasts abrasive flaps that are arranged in a radial fan shape. The flaps are anchored in the centre of the abrasive mop by a resin core. This fan shape allows the abrasive mop to contour perfectly to the surface of the workpiece. This design is sure to produce a fine scratch pattern; better yet, only the edge of the abrasive flaps are subjected to wear. The edges wear down, constantly allowing fresh abrasive grain to come into contact with the work surface. The result is a scratch pattern that will remain constant throughout the lifetime of this small abrasive mop. Its unique design also lets the product achieve a consistently high removal rate.

How to use the sanding mop correctly

If you want to achieve the best possible results with your KM 615, you need to choose the right speed for your grinder, drill or flexible shaft. For safety reasons, the maximum permissible speed and also the maximum exposed clamping length must not be exceeded. On the other hand, the operating speed must not be too low. If working with an insufficient speed, the tool pressure will cause the abrasive flaps to flex too much on the workpiece. This will extend the area of the abrasive surface. The friction generated between workpiece surface and abrasive flap will, in turn, increase significantly. The increase in friction will heat up both, causing the abrasive flaps to wear out faster. The workpiece surface will not show the same scratch pattern, a deviation compared to that of using an optimal speed (20 - 25 m/s) . Also important for safety reasons is to keep the exposed shank length under 20 mm, which needs to be ensured when you mount the tool.

The difference between an abrasive belt and an abrasive mop

The scratch pattern created by the small abrasive mop is dramatically finer than that of an abrasive belt operating with the same grit. When comparing the finish produced by an abrasive mop to that of an abrasive belt, you will find that the surface of the stainless steel shows longer continuous line structures. The risk of undercutting is also reduced. These properties will make the finish look finer and more blended.

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