MM 650 Abrasive mop for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Filling compound

MM 650 – abrasive mop wheels for paint, varnish, filler, wood, and metal

The abrasive mop MM 650 creates a fine surface and has been designed specifically for profiled workpieces. The product can be used on

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler,
  • wood, and
  • metal.

These are the materials on which the product will produce the best surface finishes. Also suitable for use on plastic. This abrasive mop owes its outstanding abrasive properties to the use of a premium abrasive grain that is bonded to a flexible backing with synthetic resin. With this construction, very fine finishing can be achieved even on heavily profiled workpieces. The benefits of this product are held in high regard by professional users and do-it-yourselfers alike. Klingspor offers the abrasive mop MM 650 in a variety of grit sizes: from coarse to fine. Various dimensions available.

Users benefit from an extensive range of applications

Klingspor offers an abrasive mop for use anywhere . Possible applications include blending weld seams and sanding surfaces on flat and profiled workpieces in an industrial environment . The fan-shaped, radial arrangement of the slashed abrasive flaps is responsible for the product’s ability to produce a flawless scratch pattern across a wide array of materials such as varnish or wood. Every abrasive mop made by Klingspor is tested in accordance with the stringent oSa guidelines. The products are in compliance with safety standard EN 13743.

Abrasive mop wheels for a fine surface finish

Compared to abrasive belts the MM 650 are the better option when it comes to creating surface finishes that need a consistent fine surface finish. The grinding result consists of a longitudinal scratch scratch pattern . Overall, a smooth surface finish can be created under all conditions. When choosing a suitable mop, pay attention to the optimum cutting speed. If the machine is not adjustable in speed, the selection of mop wheel must not exceed the safe running speed of the mop wheel. When working with fixed speed machines, the customer bases their purchasing decision on the mop wheel diameter. These criteria allow every user to find the abrasive mop that is right for them.

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