PS 33 CK Discs with paper backing, self-fastening for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing C-paper
Filling compound
Aircraft construction
Automotive industry
Craftsman companies
Wind energy industry
Wood processing industry

Flawless sanding results with the Klingspor abrasive paper PS 33 CK

The PS 33 CK by Klingspor is a triangular abrasive paper of premium quality that is suitable for various applications. These include use on

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler and
  • wood.

Dependability thanks to a high removal rate

The aluminium oxide, which Klingspor manufactures synthetically, is guaranteed to deliver a high removal rate without any loss in quality. The grain is bonded to a paper backing made of C-paper by synthetic resin. Its triangular shape allows for effortless sanding and polishing even in the tightest corners and hard to reach place of the material that is being processed.

Suitable for universal use

The abrasive paper PS 33 CK can be combined with all standard sanders and multi sanders. Its GLS 24 hole pattern makes attaching the triangular papers an absolute breeze. Changing the paper is just as easy thanks to its hook and loop backing. The hook and loop coating is also responsible for the product's unparalleled flexibility. This triangular *abrasive paper PS 33 CK by Klingspor is appreciated to the same degree by professionals, do-it-yourselfers and hobby craftsmen.

For sanding work on a variety of materials

Whether put to use in car body repair shops, in metal construction businesses or in woodworking – the abrasive paper PS 33 CK is the right tool for any sanding job: The abrasive paper PS 33 CK always delivers the same unsurpassed efficiency - whether it is used for stripping wood and paint or varnish or for repairing previously varnished surfaces. Even smoothing or removing filler poses no problem for this product. The singular abilities of these triangular abrasive papers truly come to the fore during repair work on cars. In addition to excelling during work on filled and metal surfaces, this product, naturally, is also an excellent option for sanding rough surfaces made of wood. The wide range of available grits includes both coarse and fine versions of this abrasive. No matter what material they choose to process, users are sure to produce flawless results with the abrasive paper PS 33 CK.

Klingspor quality for professionals and laymen alike

The abrasive sheets by Klingspor are held in the same high regard by professionals and laymen. Aside from being a staple in trade and industry, the abrasive paper PS 33 CK has become greatly valued by hobby craftsmen as well. Its suitability for a vast array of applications is convincing to any user.

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