Backing Description Application examples
A –paper approx. 95 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand)
B –paper approx. 105 g/m² profile + surface grinding (hand)
C –paper approx. 110 g/m² surface grinding (hand)
D –paper approx. 130 g/m² surface grinding (hand and machine)
E – paper approx. 250 g/m² surface grinding (machine)
F –paper approx. 300 g/m² surface grinding (machine)
G –paper approx. 400 g/m² surface grinding (machine)
JF –cloth light, highly flexible high profiled workpieces (hand and machine)
GX –blended cloth light, flexible profiled workpieces (machine)
J –cloth light, flexible profiled workpieces (hand and machine)
XF –cloth heavy, flexible hand tool belt grinder
X –cloth heavy, firm surfaces, edges, rotation bodies (machine)
Y –cloth heavy, highly firm surfaces, edges, rotation bodies (machine)
Z –cloth heavy, highly firm, can be segmented surface grinding (machine)