ST 358 A Backing pad, ribbed/hard

Klingspor ST 358 A backing pad hard – accessories for fibre discs

Users who need to complete grinding jobs with a high removal rate in a short period of time resort to special abrasives capable of running at high rotational speeds. This type of operation generates high temperatures. This is why so-called cool grinding is needed - especially in the following areas:

  • aircraft construction
  • automotive and tool industry
  • stainless steel processing
  • pipeline and railing construction

Every pass completed by the abrasive can remove a substantial amount of material during the production of turbine blades, but also during the manufacture of automotive components. The high temperatures generated in the contact zone between grinding disc and workpiece translate to tremendous strain on the abrasive and the workpiece.

Heat dissipation thanks to the ribbed shape of the backing pad

The backing pad predominantly serves two purposes: It supports the fibre disc and dissipates the generated heat. The ribbed surface is responsible for creating small amounts of air turbulence, resulting in a cooling effect. This effect makes it possible to grind at high removal rates without generating too much heat - a perfect combination for edge and rough grinding.

ST 358 A – backing pad comes in various sizes and versions

The backing pad ST 358 A with a ribbed structure is equipped with a locking nut for the fibre discs. For safety reasons, the diameter of the backing pad must always match the diameter of the fibre disc. Klingspor carries all sizes that are standard and commonly used in the industry.

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