CS 330 X Wide belts with cloth backing for Steel, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC/Cork
Coating Close
Backing X-cotton
Stainless steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Railing construction
Stainless steel processing industry

Ideal for satin finish as well as for polishing – the Klingspor wide belt CS 330 X

The abrasive grain used for the Klingspor abrasive belt CS 330 X is embedded in cork. This extra layer makes this special belt a particularly good choice for finish satin finish and polishing. Performing exceedingly well on workpieces made of

  • steel and
  • stainless steel,

this belt is available in a variety of dimensions and grit sizes.

Abrasive grain and bonding – always manufactured synthetically at Klingspor

The wide belt CS 330 X by Klingspor boasts a backing that is made of strong X-cotton. Applied to this backing is a bed of cork plus the abrasive grain. The grain used for this product is silicon carbide, which is manufactured synthetically - just as all other types of abrasive grain used by Klingspor. This ensures that the belt will consistently produce results of flawless quality. The same holds true for the quality of the top coat, which Klingspor produces from synthetic resin as this material possesses great adhesive force. The production of the material is monitored by laser measurements, ensuring that its thickness is uniform across the entire abrasive belt. Once manufactured, the abrasive is subjected to a flexing process that defines and breaks up the geometry of the top coat. During this process, the abrasive is pulled across a flex shaft at different angles, furnishing the abrasives with the necessary flexibility. The unmatched quality they bring to the table have also made abrasives engineered by Klingspor a foremost choice for series production, where grinding results of consistently excellent quality are of prime importance.

For an immaculate surface finish – hard and sharp-edged silicon carbide

Klingspor relies on silicon carbide for their abrasive belt CS 330 X as it lets this product excel during work on polishing and finish grinding steel and stainless steel and when used for a large variety of other purposes. Exceedingly hard, but not particularly tough, this abrasive grain possesses a crystalline structure. Silicon carbide is also sharp-edged and brittle, making it more sensitive to breakage than other types of abrasive grain. These properties allow this abrasive grain to yield a useful micro-wear effect that provides for the continuous creation of new sharp points.

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