CS 333 JF Belts with cloth backing for NF metals, Metals, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Coating Close
Backing JF-cotton
NF metals
Metal construction

Abrasive belt CS 333 JF – the ideal abrasive for NF metal and plastics

Its highly flexible cotton backing lets the abrasive belt CS 333 JF by Klingspor conform perfectly to any radii and contours. Uniquely equipped for sanding on non-ferrous metals and plastics, this product is used, among other purposes, for hand sanding brass fittings and moulded parts. Klingspor makes this high-quality abrasive belt available as short and long belts that come in a comprehensive range of grit sizes for

  • portable belt sanders,
  • hand tool belt grinders
  • pedestal sanders.

Remarkably flexible - the cloth backing made of JF-cotton

Its highly flexible backing made of JF-cotton makes the abrasive belt CS 333 JF exceptionally flexible and, thus, ideal for work on highly profiled workpieces. Klingspor applies silicon carbide onto this cloth backing and bonds the grain using fully synthetic resin. The grain is applied with a close coating that covers almost the entire surface of the backing with abrasive grain. This close coating is recommended for abrasives that are used for work on metal as it ensures a long service life and a high stock removal rate. In contrast to an open coating, which leaves a multitude of spaces on the backing, the close coating will produce a finish that is markedly finer.

Hard and sharp-edged – with a closely coated abrasive grain made of silicon carbide

Klingspor uses only synthetically produced grains for their products, which - in addition to abrasive belts - also include sheets, strips, discs and numerous other types of abrasive tools. This type of grain proves to be significantly harder and tougher than such natural grains as emery, flint, and garnet. The use of synthetically manufactured abrasive grain guarantees first-rate quality that remains consistent, making it ideal for heavy-duty industrial use. Klingspor offers the abrasive belt CS 333 JF with an abrasive grain made of silicon carbide, which sets itself apart with its unparalleled hardness. It boasts a crystalline structure that provides it with particularly sharp edges. This high-quality abrasive belt proves exceedingly effective on NF metal and plastic.

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