CS 920 Y ACT CEVOLUTION File belts for Stainless steel, High alloy steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Ceramic aluminium oxide
Coating Close
Backing Y-polyester
Stainless steel
High alloy steel
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Advantages: Special product with Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) - Excellent grit adhesion - Highly tear-resistant polyester backing and self-sharpening ceramic grain for rough and intermediate grinding of stainless steel and high alloyed steel at high loads - Higher service life and cool grinding due to special coating with active multibond - The CS 920 Y file belt includes the new CEVOLUTION technology. CEVOLUTION stands for holistically optimised ceramic abrasives. Klingspor products with CEVOLUTION technology benefit from a perfect blend of grain types and resin formulation to offer the maximum performance in every application
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