PS 29 F ACT Wide belts with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Open
Backing F-paper
Craftsman companies
Furniture industry
Window and door construction
Wood processing industry

PS 29 F ACT wide belts with a paper backing for work on wood

The PS 29 F ACT is used for calibration and finish sanding in combination with a pressure pad – these types of applications require a finer grit size. This abrasive paper comes with an open coating and is antistatic. These characteristics combined with the bonding agent formulated from Klingspor's ACT recipe add up to outstanding stock removal, phenomenal service life and minimal clogging thanks to the antistatic properties. The product's main fields of application are the

  • sanding of softwood
  • processing of plastic
  • removal of fillers from surfaces

PS 29 F ACT is generally manufactured with an F1-type lap joint. This means that the lap joint is cut with a bevel and joined with an overlap. This manufacturing process ensures smooth operation all around - including at the joint of the belt.

Uniform scratch pattern over a long period of time

The Klingspor wide belt PS 29 F ACT produces an impressively uniform scratch pattern when used for processing surfaces made of softwood. The open coating delivers clean stock removal without premature clogging, while the ACT bonding on F- weight paper provides for the necessary stability. These properties allow the wide belt PS 29 F ACT to be used for extended periods without suffering any loss in performance. It holds up even under intense strain and sets itself apart with its outstanding service life.

Handheld machines and stationary devices

The wide belt PS 29 F ACT is an equally popular choice for workshops and construction sites and for do-it-yourselfers. While grinding jobs are usually performed on wide belt machines, other dimensions of the belt can be used in combination with belt sanding machines. PS 29 F ACT is available in a wide variety of dimensions. Customers can choose from all standard dimensions common in the industry - in terms of both width and long. The available grit sizes range from extra coarse to medium and fine.

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