DT 612 UT Supra Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Construction materials, Concrete, Cured concrete, reinforced, Chalky sandstone

Turbo segment
Suitable for wet and dry use Turbo segment 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Supra
Segmentation Turbo
Design Laser welded
Service life
Construction materials
Cured concrete, reinforced
Chalky sandstone
Building construction
Building yards
Construction businesses
Drywall installations
Electricians, Electrical installation
Gardening and landscaping
Heating, plumbing

Diamond cutting blade DT 612 UT Supra for angle grinders

The diamond cutting blade DT 612 UT Supra by Klingspor was specially designed for use on an angle grinder. Thanks to its aggressive cutting and grinding performance, the tool is perfect for work on

  • concrete,
  • cured concrete,
  • reinforced construction materials,
  • chalky sandstone

and other construction materials. Special turbo segments allow this product to reach exceedingly fast cutting speeds while cutting through most hard materials. These segments also give this cutting blade a long service life – even when cutting through reinforced concrete.

Professional tools with Supra quality

The diamond cutting blade DT 612 UT is a tool that is grouped in Klingspor's Supra class of high-quality products. The products in this quality segment are set apart by a unique combination of exceptional price-performance ratio and quality that is guaranteed to deliver superior dependability and performance. These attributes make the cutting blade the perfect companion accessory for an angle grinder during daily use. The cutting blade is available in a variety of diameters. When working with this blade, the user must take into account that maximum permissible speed decreases with larger sizes of the blade.

Stringent safety standards for comprehensive on-the-job safety

Ensuring the greatest possible on-the-job safety is a factor of paramount importance during work with abrasive tools. This is why cutting blades must not be used on grinders unless they are perfectly undamaged. It is therefore necessary for the user to check the diamond cutting blade for damage prior to every use.

Highest quality standards including oSa certification mark

Klingspor is one of the founding members of the European Organisation for the Safety of Abrasive Tools. Their members established the organisation as a voluntary association committed to observing strict quality and safety guidelines that go beyond the scope of the generally applicable standards. The products are marked by the high level of safety they provide - even if the abrasive tool is subjected to the most extreme thermal and mechanical loads. This is why abrasive tools made by Klingspor bear the oSa certification mark.

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