DB 600 F Supra Diamond drill for Stoneware, Stove tiles, Stove tiles, glazed

Suitable for dry use
Class Supra
Design Vacuum-brazed
Service life
Stove tiles
Stove tiles, glazed
Floor tilers
Heating, plumbing
Kitchen cabinet makers

Diamond drill for stoneware and other hard materials

The drill bit DB 600 F Supra is the ideal tool for drilling with pinpoint accuracy in

  • stoneware,
  • tiles,
  • granite,
  • glazed stove tiles

and other materials that are particularly hard. Aggressive drilling performance and a long service life are the features that set this dry cutting drill bit apart. The hard diamond head produces clean edges while working its way through the material. This will leave stoneware or granite completely intact. The diamond drill DB 600 F Supra makes cracks, chipped gloss finishes or splintered edges a thing of the past. The drill comes with integrated cooling wax. This is why the dry cutting drill bit can operate without any additional cooling water.

Diamond drills – high-quality and long-lasting tools

Diamond drills offer the same exquisite and long-lasting quality as all other drilling and grinding tools made by Klingspor. Ongoing research and development in conjunction with thorough testing ensure continuous performance improvements in Klingspor's diamond tools. Their wide range of applications extends to road building as well as construction above and below ground. Tilers, stonecutters, roofers and other craftsmen equally benefit from the top quality of Klingspor’s dry cutting drill bit. The combination of excellent work results, a long lifetime and excellent service life plus fast work performance translates to overall job completion with outstanding efficiency. The drill DB 600 F Supra is intended for use on handheld drilling machines.

Klingspor's diamond drills comply with the highest safety standards

Safety during use defines a good work process just as much as efficiency. Tools designed for professional use should always meet the safety requirements specified in European standard EN 13236. The products offered by Klingspor thereby guarantee the greatest possible safety.

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