CS 561 Retail packs Abrasive fibre disc for Steel, NF metals, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Close
NF metals
Stainless steel

Abrasive fibre disc for professional metalworking

The abrasive fibre disc Klingspor CS 561 is suitable for universal use on metal and wood. It can be used for efficient stock removal on

  • steel,
  • NF metal,
  • metal,
  • plastic,
  • stainless steel, and
  • wood.

The abundance of possible applications is expanded even further by the wide variety of available diameters and hole patterns. These exhaustive options turn this abrasive fibre disc into the optimal accessory for handheld angle grinders made by various different manufacturers.

Hard grain and secure bond for high removal rates

The abrasive fibre disc backing material is made of vulcanised fibre. Vulcanised fibre is a traditional composite material based on cellulose and produced by vulcanisation – the final result is a plastic synthesised from the naturally resourced paper. Since it is produced from a sustainable raw material, classic vulcanised fibre is back in demand, and Klingspor is accommodating that demand. The abrasive grain used for this product is hard and tough corundum. The vulcanised abrasive disc is coated with synthetic resin. The abrasive grain is embedded firmly and securely with a close coating. Corundum is a synthetic abrasive material that is set apart from classic natural abrasive grains by its extraordinary toughness and hardness. Its synthetic manufacturing process guarantees that its properties will never change. Made of aluminium oxide, corundum possesses an irregular crystalline structure that gives this blocky grain even macro wear characteristics. At the same time, the material will deliver a long service life with a high removal rate.

Well-packaged fibre disc for commerce, trade and industry

Another distinct advantage of the abrasive fibre disc CS 561 lies in its packaging. Sold in Retail packs, the tool accessory is ideally suited for display in retail shops. Since their packaging keeps them clearly visible and well protected, these abrasive discs can be stored exceptionally well by trade and industry businesses alike. The packaging also helps to reduce damage whilst in transit to a worksite when stored in a toolbox.

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