FS 764 ACT Fibre discs for Steel, Stainless steel, Metals

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Fibre disc FS 764 ACT – fibre disc for a high removal rate on steel and stainless steel

The FS 764 ACT by Klingspor is a fibre disc that has been designed specifically for use on steel and stainless steel. This fibre disc allows for grinding operations with a high removal rate. The abrasive used is aluminium oxide. The bond formulated from Klingspor’s special ACT recipe provides for high grit adhesion, which - in combination with the vulcanised fibre backing - adds up to a abrasive of outstanding durability. The benefits are:

  • Extraordinary service life
  • Minimal clogging
  • Work with a high removal rate
  • Uniform scratch pattern

Rough and aggressive grinding with the fibre disc FS 764 ACT

The robust combination of backing, bond, and grit translates to aggressive abrasive performance when grinding metal or removing rust from metal parts and during rough grinding, smoothing weld seams, and deburring. Keeping the tool from exceeding the maximum permissible speed of 80 metres per second requires that the maximum speeds for specific disc / backing pad diameters be observed:

  • 13,300 revolutions per minute at a diameter of 115 mm
  • 12,200 revolutions per minute at a diameter of 125 mm
  • 8,500 revolutions per minute at a diameter of 180 mm

Use of the fibre disc FS 764 ACT

The fibre disc FS 764 ACT is available in grit sizes ranging from coarse to fine. This makes the fibre disc FS 764 ACT suited primarily for use cases requiring a high removal rate and aggressive abrasive performance.

The scratch pattern you want to achieve largely depends on the backing pad you use

Klingspor’s portfolio includes two different backing pads for fibre discs: the backing pad ST 358 medium and smooth as well as the ST 358 A hard and ribbed. The scratch pattern is defined in no small part by the choice of backing pad. The medium backing pad is recommended for producing a uniform scratch pattern, e.g. when rounding sharp edges or creating a finer finish on metal surfaces. In contrast, the hard and ribbed backing pad is used for rough and aggressive grinding, as is necessary, for instance, for edge chamfering or rough deburring jobs.

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