SD 660 Fixing spindle

Fixing spindle SD 660

The fixing spindle SD 660 has been designed for small cutting-off wheels and sets itself apart with its top manufacturing quality and exceptional versatility in the field. This product makes it a cinch to attach cutting-off wheels on such tools as the

  • die grinder,
  • the flexible shaft, and
  • the drilling machine.

The fixing spindle is used to mount the small cutting-off wheel A 660 R and works with bore diameter 6 mm and 10 mm. Since safety always comes first during sanding and grinding, Klingspor manufacturers their accessories with the same superior quality as any other of their products. Users opting for the SD 660 will enjoy secure and reliable fixing of their small cutting-off wheels and, thus, an improved level of safety. The product is geared towards professional craftsmen and keen do-it-yourselfers alike.

Fixing spindle of first-rate quality

Compatible with the Klingspor's small cutting-off wheel A660R the fixing spindle meets quality and safety standards required. Hard-wearing components prove their worth even in continuous use. Low wear and high resilience are among the key strengths. These properties are crucial, as Kronenflex cutting wheels are typically used in high speed cutting application. This is accompanied by a high load of the abrasive The fixing spindle keeps the cutting-off wheel securely attached to the tool.

Fixing spindle SD 660 with effortless handling

The fixing spindle presented here has been designed to fix the cutting-off wheel in place quickly. This ability proves to be of particular benefit during frequent tool changes. The fixing spindle offers the same straightforward handling as the cutting-off wheels engineered by Klingspor. This makes the SD 660 the perfect complementary accessory for the small cutting-off wheels. The SD 660 is needed for using the small cutting-off wheel in combination with a die grinder or a flexible shaft machine. When used with a small die grinder, the small cutting-off wheel is tightened with the standard clamping nut.

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