NCW 600 Finishing mop for Stainless steel, Metals

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel

NCW 600 – finishing mop for stainless steel and metal

The finishing mop NCW 600 satisfies the highest quality standards and manages to impress with its unparalleled dependability. Designed for use by craftsmen, industrial users and keen do-it-yourselfers, this tool engineered by Klingspor delivers exceptional results when used on

  • metal,
  • stainless steel and
  • plastic.

The finishing mop sets itself apart with an ultra fine surface scratch pattern and excels with its exceptional wear behaviour: Although delivering a high-removal rate, the NCW 600 also stands out with an extremely long service life. This unbeatable combination makes this quality tool a particularly beneficial investment.

High removal by combination design

The NCW 600 offers the combination of non-woven and abrasive cloth flaps. This combination is guaranteed to produce a fine surface scratch pattern - on stainless steel, which satisfying the most demanding user. At the same time, the finishing mop also ensures fast and precise finishing, allowing the user to work with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. Surface finishing made easy. During sanding, the finishing mop is distinguished by its precise adaption to the shape of the workpiece, allowing for comfortable processing steps.

The combination design makes all the difference

The combined non-woven and cloth flaps of the NCW 600 are bonded to a synthetic resin core with an especially strong bonding agent, forming a radial fan. If the finishing mop is operated at the optimum speed, these flaps will stand up straight. The abrasive takes place on the edge of the flap. This feature allows the finishing mop to deliver consistent work results - from the first to the last process on, stainless steel or plastic workpiece. NCW 600 is available in different grain sizes, diameters and widths.

The right tool on every machine

The finishing mop will produce the most efficient and economical work results when used with a maximum operating speed of 38 - 42 m/s. Thus, the lamellae do not yield too much even under contact pressure and the material removal remains optimal. Depending on the recommended speed of the machine, Klingspor offers a finishing mop with the appropriate diameter.

Safe and reliable for every application

Highly versatile, the finishing mop NCW 600 can be combined with pedestal machines, straight grinders, and machines equipped with a flexible shaft. The NCW 600 engineered by Klingspor meets all quality criteria customers have come to expect from a German brand product. The finishing mop complies with EU standard EN 13743 and the guidelines established by the oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives), a global alliance for the assurance of safety and quality in the abrasives industry.

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