NUD 500 High performance non-woven web wheels for Alloyed steels, High alloy steel, NF metals, Light metals, Chrome and nickel steels, Steel, Titanium

Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Backing plate Glass fibre
Design Flat
Alloyed steels
High alloy steel
NF metals
Light metals
Chrome and nickel steels
Apparatus and container manufacturing
Plant engineering
Stainless steel processing industry

Cleaning and pre-polishing metal: High performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500

The high performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500 are used for professional processing of stainless steel:

  • Alloy steel,
  • High-alloy steel,
  • NE-metal,
  • Light metal,
  • Chrome,
  • Nickel steel,
  • Titanium, and
  • Steel.

The high performance non-woven web wheels are unitized wheels that can be inserted on to standards angle grinders with a 22.23 mm bore. Available in diameters of 115 mm and 125 mm, they come in a variety of grit sizes ranging from coarse to very fine.

Cleaning and pre-polishing of stainless steel with an angle grinder

The high performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500 engineered by Klingspor turn the chore of cleaning and pre-polishing into an effortless activity: Steels and a great many other metals can be completely freed of corrosion such as red rust or patina. Better still, the high performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500 provide for exceptionally uniform stock removal thanks to their low roughness depth. Surface structures are largely retaine. Rather than clogging the non-woven web, the fine grinding dust is removed towards the outside by centrifugal force. The high speed of 63 m/s allows the user to zip through their work in far less time. The high performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500 are ideal for thorough blending, cleaning and pre-finishing - in one single work step. No need for unnecessary tool changes or intermediate steps. This helps save time - and makes work an absolute breeze. Even repaired places and weld seams can be blended to perfection with the NUD 500. The product removes underlying marks almost completely and allows the user to blend the scratch pattern to the rest of the workpiece.

Surface refinement with silicon carbide: High performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500

Silicon carbide boasts qualities that are similar to diamond. This - combined with its attractive price-performance ratio - makes this material so appealing to the abrasives industry. The robust and sharp-edged grains adhere tightly to the premium-grade non-woven web. The result is remarkable: A long service life and consistent quality. Their 125 years of experience in the industry have helped Klingspor become one of the leading abrasives manufacturers in the international marketplace. Intensive research and stringent quality assurance allow our experts to tap the full potential of the high performance non-woven web wheels NUD 500.

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