PS 30 D Retail packs Rolls with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing D-paper
Filling compound
Automotive industry
Wood processing industry

PS 30 D – the perfect yellow paper backed abrasive roll for quick work on larger surfaces

The abrasive roll PS 30 D truly shines when used for fast stock removal on larger surfaces. Made of highly durable paper, the backing allows for surface sanding carried out either by hand or using a machine. This premium abrasive is recommended for processing

  • wood,
  • paint, varnish and filler and,
  • to some degree, metal.

Optimum cutting force thanks to tear resistance and increased aggressiveness

Distinguished by its yellow paper, the abrasive roll PS 30 D by Klingspor combines extraordinary tear resistance with superior grain sharpness. Its grain sharpness gives the abrasive extra aggressiveness, allowing for stock removal with a high cutting force, e.g. during decorating work. The user can strip a significant amount of material off the workpiece with every pass. This fast stock removal rate produces a rough surface. It advisable to start with rough preparatory work before sanding with finer tools in several subsequent steps. While exceptionally tear-resistant, the D-weight yellow paper backing remains perfectly flexible. Users opting for the abrasive roll PS 30 D benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio.

Powerful, effective and fast

The abrasive roll PS 30 D processes wood and coatings made up of varnish or paint with extraordinary efficiency and speed. Its high grain sharpness makes it necessary for the user to sand with the grain when working on wood, e.g. during decorating work and dry wall sanding. When sanding against the grain of the wood, the user risks breaking out chips, leaving behind deep gouges. The work is preceded by an inspection for loose areas using a knife or a putty knife. Removing the loose layers prior to the sanding process minimises the time and effort necessary to complete sanding later on. Sanding by hand does not require any additional tools. When used for surface sanding, the paper of the abrasive roll PS 30 D should be wrapped around a sanding block. A clamping device keeps the paper from shifting during use.

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