PS 33 B Rolls with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing B-paper
Filling compound
Aircraft construction
Automotive industry
Craftsman companies
Wind energy industry
Wood processing industry

PS 33 B – the perfect abrasive roll with paper backing for hand or machine sanding on wood, paint and lacqure

The abrasive roll PS 33 B by Klingspor is an excellent choice for all types of woodwork and automotive applications. Its white paper backing contours to the workpiece with utmost precision and flexibility. The paper backing turns this abrasive roll into aa abrasive that combines premium quality with an affordable price tag. It is equally well suited for a wide variety of sanding techniques such as

  • hand sanding,
  • machine sanding and
  • sanding with a sanding block.

Extended service life, minimal clogging and exceptional tear resistance

The abrasive roll PS 33 B owes its extended service life to the combination of grain composition and extra tear resistance, ensured by its paper backing. The grain is composed of high-quality aluminium oxide, securly bonded to the backing by the synthetic resin. The material's stand-out feature is a low level of clogging, which is guaranteed by its sanding active fillers. While exceptionally robust, this abrasive remains completely flexible, perfectly contouring to the surface to be finished. The user benefits from its high removal rate when sanding old layers of varnish, paint or filler, e.g. during decorating work. Better still, this abrasive paper is also an excellent choice for work on wood and coated surfaces.

Highly effective when used for surface sanding and profile sanding

Klingspor developed this abrasive with paper backing especially for hand profile sanding and surface sanding. Ideal for hand or machine use to strip varnish as well as wood & paint off furniture, parts of buildings and car body quickly and with perfect ease. Better still, there is no need to constantly change the abrasive paper as the semi-open coating prevents premature clogging. When working on wood, the user will find that the abrasive roll PS 33 B is a great choice for smoothing edges or evening out any rough bumps prior to finish sanding. Thanks to its high removal rate the product makes short work of any scratches and dents on the surface, e.g. during decorating work. To create a uniform surface finish, this abrasive is best used with a sanding block or a hand-operated machine. Removing the abrasive paper from the roll and cutting it to the necessary size is a cinch. Klingspor offers the abrasive roll PS 33 B in various widths and with a wide variety of grit sizes. If requested, this product can also be tailored to individual requirements by customising its dimensions and grit sizes.

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